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What is the meaning of silence?

Though many would define it as a "refraining from speech or from noise" , silence can communicate as effictively as any words, through body language or facial expression.Silence carries different connotations in different cultures. Some cultures, especially Asian cultures, view it as a sign of respect whereby in Western culture silence is often considered as an unpleasant behaviour.
Besides, it can be viewed as the proper behaviour between strangers or as part of rituals, including the grieving process. Both silence and speech exist next to one another.Without silence there is no speech and vice verca.

This site will attempt to analyse and evaluate silence within a special context: what lies behind the unsaid. Moreover, how people try to avoid certain topics and manage to express it in an another way. The basis of the site is formed by an experiment were several people had to describe spontaneously a set of images shown to them, without being prescribed by any regulations. The content of the displayed images were different kind of people having different sexes, races or other individual characteristics. The focus hereby lies on the evaluation of silence, hesitations and the way the participants describe the people or their special characteristics.